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Nude sportsmen initiation

We have the most awesome home-made video of nude sportsmen. This group of rugby players perform a hot naked initiation ritual. Each horny muscular player has his pubes set alight and has to down a beer before being allowed to put it out. We've never seen nude sportsmen in such a hot challenge! Download the full video from the link. Check out these guys crotches - they're hot in every way!

Nude sportsmen Ricky Burns

We often get to see nude sportsmen at the weigh-in - anything to shed a few pounds! Check out WBO super-featherweight, Ricky Burns, as the champion boxer strips stark naked. This heavily tattooed hunk struts round, giving some great bare ass shots (what a fit butt!) before standing on the scales. There's hundreds more nude sportsmen like this tattooed tough guy, right here. In the interest of accuracy, we think that all weigh-ins should be naked - and filmed!!

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